You didn't come this far in business, just to make it this far.

words of wisdom

Piles of paperwork, to-do lists on sticky notes everywhere, tons of admin work, and constantly sending out proposals and emails in a rush– but what are we using for that again...
Dubsado?... HelloSign?... no wait, was it Ivy? Hellllo!

I know you loooove designing, but thumbing through 2 notebooks and 3 apps to find those client notes, well that can be a major time suck. (And time is money, people). Especially if you're already feeling all the anxious feels, and trying to serve your clients well in the few hours we have available.

Ever feel like you're trapped in paperwork purgatory?

You need a standard.

let me get a hands up if this is you...

You’re plastering a smile on your face while going from jobsite to jobsite, hoping that no one notices the holes in your process. Let's face it, “What exactly do we need to do next? Let’s google it…” hasn't yielded you the clearest search results.

You’re feeling that energy burnout from managing client expectations left and right last week, juggling #AllThePersonalities, and now adding those COVID delays and damage control to the mix? It's enough to wanna crawl under a rock.

You’re reading this while munching on microwave popcorn and calling it dinner because you have at least 4 more hours of work to do and just needed a little brain-break. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day of staring at your laptop.

You know there's an easier way to be the CEO of your biz...

And you know you need support to scale and take it to the next level... but where do you start, exactly?




Just imagine having more time to market your business to the *right* clients, or to have more time to focus on the part of design that made you want to start your own business in the first place. I think you deserve that– we all do… and now that you’re in this awesome growth stage– it’s just a matter of getting over the hump, girlfriend!

What if in just a few weeks, you could have your entire signature process, ready at your fingertips?

It's time to be the
Creative Director and have your smart & capable team manage the small stuff.


Luz and Brooke provide you with the blueprint to help you organize your own business processes, while keeping the client experience at the forefront. By getting your systems in place you become a more professional and efficient designer. I highly recommend the Willow and Jax Workflow Mastermind program. Luz and Brooke are a blast to work with and really create a community amongst the designers in the group. 


You could create a custom operations manual to seamlessly onboard a few awesome team members to help you carry some of the weight.

You could focus on automating tasks, and having systems in place to easily guide you from one project to the next (or all of them all at once!).

And most important of all, you could close that laptop at 5pm and get some down time to recharge and unwind to prep for a creative day ahead, like the boss that you are.

And a proven system to ditch the overwhelm in just 4 weeks!

just imagine


You've heard them say it... interior design is 80% business and 20% creativity. 

Here’s the thing though… what if you could hand that 80% off to someone else, or automate it with a project management system, what would it look like financially if you could take on more projects? What changes could you see in your biz if you were able to spend a little more time developing a REAL marketing strategy that attracts YOUR ideal client?

Trading dollars for hours isn't the way to make it in this biz and all the great designers have proven that. You have to be able to scale unless you wanna hit a glass ceiling.

... And now, you can build a killer custom workflow with some #BizBesties, all while sipping wine by the fire.


workflow Mastermind

Introducing the ....


Working after hours on your business just got a whole lot more fun!

Ready to party with us?

The 5 key steps to closing out projects with grace and wowing your clients so that the referrals keep rolling in.

Strategize the best methods for automating your process and creating standards so that you’re not reinventing the wheel with every new project.

Our tried and true methods for creating systems that streamline productivity and help you manage multiple projects at once. 

How to develop the perfect process for screening potential clients, and onboarding them smoothly while setting expectations.

The Systems & Flow Workbook - the very same workbook we use when building out customized workflows for 1:1 clients. This step-by-step prompt style workbook will guide you into getting your unique system out of your mind, and onto paper.


Come hang in The Social Club Facebook Group - A private community of like minded designers who are having the same experience, with different perspectives so you can ask your questions, get feedback on different touch points, and support one another's journey.


Join our Q&A Happy Hours - A weekly, live Zoom meetup to chat about our wins and challenges, collaborate and brainstorm over proven strategies. (Bring your glass of wine cause this is more like a hangout than a business meeting). After hours and BYOB.



You can totally do this, and it doesn't have to be a snooze-fest you get trapped in for three full weekends with a yellow highlighter and a thesaurus.

(seriously, after the year we've had, who the hell wants to do that?)


course launches
april 19th, 2021

Payment Plan

One-time Payment

What’s your investment?

Less than the cost of researching ‘Interior Design standard procedures’ for two hours...

Don’t worry– we’ll never get that time back either.

Pop the confetti,
cause this party is just getting started...

The Workflow Mastermind Course
Live, Weekly Q&A Happy Hours 
Members-Only Facebook Community 
Systems & Flow Workbook
Service Guide Template Bundle
SOP Templates
Client Email Collection

The Workflow Mastermind Course
Live, Weekly Q&A Happy Hours 
Members-Only Facebook Community 
Systems & Flow Workbook
Service Guide Template Bundle
SOP Templates
Client Email Collection

what's inside, you ask?

How to create the ultimate client experience from initial inquiry through project kickoff.

Elevating the Client Onboarding Experience

Module One

Automating your process from start to finish for more consistency & efficiency.

Systemizing your signature Process

Module Two

Managing multiple projects at once and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

The Project Management Blueprint

Module Three

How to wrap up your projects with grace and complete the client experience.

closing out a project with grace

Module Four





molly bevan
linens + Lines interiors

"The Workflow Mastermind is such a wonderful and informative resource."

colleen brahm
Victoria hamilton designs

"Luz and Brooke are a blast to work with and really create a community"

maya axt
maya axt interiors

"This is not a here you go, see you later and good luck kind of course."

Words from the Alum

No snoots allowed.

Hey hey!
We’re Luz & Brooke-

And just who are your new #bizbesties?

Two Virtual Design Assistants turned Systems Strategists who got our start in the biz by working behind the scenes with Interior Designers all over the country.

#truthbomb- We’ve seen how interior designers really work, and we know first hand how having the right systems in place can help scale a biz more easily– allowing you to spend more time working on the craft you love and less time managing the busyness in your mind. 

So let's dive in and master juggling *all the things*... We’re creating a community of supportive, collaborative #bizbestie designers to untangle the web of interior design processes and level up their business together. And we're dead serious about this being a place of positivity and good vibes only.

Here’s the sitch– we have full faith that what we’re talking about here is gonna help you hone in your process, and simplify your workflow to bring you freedom and scalability in 2021. And we’ll make sure of it by the end of the four weeks, too. To seal the deal, we wanna give you a safety net. 

Buy the course to get access to the first module for 3 days and if our vibe isn’t working for ya - get your money back, no questions asked.  We’re pretty sure you’ll want to stick around, but now, you literally have nothing to lose.

money back guarantee

We’ve got your back

we've got answers.

You've got questions?

is this a coaching program?

Not quite! Coaching usually focuses on an educator teaching you THEIR system and you having to adapt it to your own process. In this mastermind, we share our collective experiences and engage with each other to brainstorm some bomb solutions and fill the gaps that exist in our knowledge.

how long will this take me?

We don’t wanna add a massive task to your already full plate! We keep it light, with a single training video per module, (recorded for easy replay if you miss it!), and a weekly happy hour Q&A that happens in the PM. The only other time commitment is your homework - which you can crack through at your own pace.


If life gets super busy and you need a little more time– we gotcha! The facebook community and workbook are yours to access always, and you can definitely work at your own pace and join in on future launches if you wanna start from scratch. (That’s Luz’s own little personal hack BTW, you’re welcome!).


Nope. We tried. There’s literally nothing out there that lets you build a system that's custom designed specifically for YOU - so we wrote our own. It’s better than Google cause it comes with friends, and a weekly excuse to pour a glass of vino while you get to work. Bonus? No boring business books here... just the takeaways.

do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Taking advantage of our one-time payment is a great way to save some moolah. Plus, there's always a perk or two offered to our #WJInsiders community, like first access and exclusive bonuses. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to join the crew and stay in the know.

what if i have more questions?

We’re an open book so feel free to ask us anything! You can reach out for questions about the course… or to chat… say hello… share a recipe, pics of your pups– whatever. You'll get a real human with a reply in a jiff.

And yup, you COULD listen to a few podcasts by one of those "Interior Design Business Gurus"...

because you can become the ceo of your biz–without the burnout.

 ... that share THEIR system for you to try to mold your business around.Not to hate on those podcasts, some of them are AMAZING. But we know that YOUR business is unique- you have your own thing going on, not just in who you serve, but what you want your business to look like, what works for you, and what doesn't.

That's why refining the system that's unique to you is going to save you time from constantly having to tweak someone else's... or something you saw in a business book in college... or a blog post you read in 2016.

The Workflow Mastermind hands over the exact roadmap to simplify and systemize your design business.


to make your workflow 'WERK' for you?