What if you could send emails out in a flash and go on with your day, while still offering your clients an elevated client experience? These industry specific emails are sure to cut your response time in half and be an essential go-to in your biz toolbox.

you've gotta bend over backwards in the customer service department, keeping clients informed, managing expectations, and answer questions along the way.

But how do you get into all that when you’re in a creative headspace?How do you ensure that your client is getting the best version of you and the best representation of the experience and service you offer?

You’ve been sitting at your computer for too long sending emails out to clients, while in the meantime the showroom you need to pick up samples from is closing soon, and you needed to have that presentation ready, like yesterday. 

This is an all too familiar case in the interior design industry. In order to give the best luxury client experience (and justify your growing rates),

Level up Your Client Experience



The professionally written, done-for-you templates to elevate your client experience in half the time.

A time-saving system to create more efficiency and consistency in your business.

A fully indexed, editable Google Doc so that you can easily customize and make it your own.

Strategic, fill in the blank copy for 34 unique client situations, even the sticky ones!

No more rushed emails, or checking for typos for fifteen minutes. This collection is meant to help guide the client from their initial inquiry, all the way to closing their project with grace. Reduce client questions, manage expectations and get ready to notice a difference in your inbox!


With the Client Email Scripts, you get:

Curb client questions by giving them the info they need ahead of time, and set boundaries and expectations in a friendly and professional way, establishing yourself as the expert!


Pairs perfectly with your project task list or your favorite CRM! Just save the templates where it’s most convenient for you to have quick and easy access to 5-star client communications.


No more wondering how to reply! With the Client Email Scripts, you have 34 strategic email templates to help you communicate quickly and consistently with your clients.


the highlights

34 Professionally written emails to make communicating with clients a breeze!

Referral Request

Post-Occupancy Check-In

Testimonial Request

Project Wrap-Up

Overdue Payment (2)

Addressing an Issue

Repeat Client - Price Increase

Discount Request

Out of Office

Photoshoot Day

Installation Day

Weekly Status Report

New Retainer Request

Scope Creep

No Response - Project on Hold (2)

Waiting on Feedback

Presentation Recap

Homework Reminder

Preparing for Kick-off

Welcome Packet

Didn't Book - Reason Request

Not a Good Fit / Rejection

Proposal Follow-Up (3)

Interior Design Proposal

Upcoming Consultation

Discovery Call Follow Up

Join the Waitlist

New Project Inquiry

this collection is right for you if....

You’re looking to implement a high-touch, luxury client experience that wows your clients and helps them build confidence in your process.

You’re an interior designer looking to create automated systems so you can create more space for design.

You’re looking to hire admin support for your business and need tools to help delegate tasks easily and efficiently.





Amanda O'Callaghan, O’Callaghan Studio

The client Email Scripts from Willow & Jax were exactly what I needed to streamline my business communications. Not only was the document comprehensive and well written, but the time savings alone was well worth the investment!

Hit send to communicate with potential clients and active clients through your preferred email provider. And get ready to deliver that high-end killer experience!

03. Send with confidence

Edit the templates by plugging in your process details where prompted and infusing your personality. Make them your own and use them time and time again!

02. customize the emails

Purchase the templates to get them delivered straight to your inbox! Once you have access, you can save a copy to your company’s Google Drive.

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Here's what you get

A Google Doc with 36 customizable email templates specifically written for interior designers

A walkthrough video & tutorial for how to best use your new templates

Implementation tips and tricks for saving the emails in your favorite CRM