Our Top 8 Resources for Meaningful Client Gifts

Client Gifts Made Easy (Finally)

Here’s one question we get ALL the time… “I know we’re supposed to give out client gifts, but where do I find them?!”

As always, we got you!

At W&J, we understand that the client experience you deliver plays a major role in the success of your design biz. And handing out thoughtful client gifts is one very important part of crafting an experience worth writing home about.

Whether its a welcome or parting gift, your selection should be personal and memorable without taking up too much of the valuable time that could be spent on projects. A tall order for sure.

If you’re ready to up your gift giving game—and give clients more reasons to sing your praises to anyone who will listen—but don’t know where to start, check out our go-to online shops below.

Remember, online shopping is the way to go if you’re itching for convenience, speed, and customization options galore.

We’re making gift giving easy peasy so you can focus on the things that matter most (A.K.A. your gold tier design work) while making sure your clients feel like a million bucks.

Ready to pick out some client gifts? Let’s get into it!


If you’re into custom gift boxes, drool-worthy packaging, and supporting women-owned businesses, BoxFox was made for you.

We’re talking dozens of branded customization options through their concierge service and all the snazzy one-off presents you could ever dream up. From designer houseware and scented candles to high end accessories and bite-sized snacks, BoxFox does it all.

So the next time you need to impress a client or thank a partner that’s near and dear to your heart, build a custom gift box or shop their Ready To Ship options for the perfect way to say, “Thanks a mil for trusting me!” This a top fav for our client gifts!

Poppy & Peep

In the mood to share something a little sweeter? Lucky for you, Poppy & Peep offers goodies that are easy on the eyes AND downright deeeelish.

Founded by the cutest dad-and-daughter duo ever, this Nashville sweet spot sells chocolate bars, signature bon bons, and other confections that can make anyone hungry at a glance. 

And, really, with all the vegan, gluten free, and nut free options on the menu, no one is safe from the cravings P&P effortlessly inspires.

Shop their premade confections or build your own box for a more custom feel. Either way, this sweet treat is bound to make a lasting impression on your clients. They’re just too adorbs.

The best part? Poppy & Peep curates seasonal charity-focused gift boxes too! That way, your gift can have double the impact. Seriously, we love giving gifts that benefit.

Our top picks: Their Bourbon Caramel, Pine Nut Caramel, and Strawberry Cheesecake Bon Bons!


Add a touch of elegance to your client’s space with Voluspa Drop’s dead gorgeous fragrance products. 

(Is there a better way to break in a brand new project than with a deeeelicious new candle?)

Known for their stunning packaging choices and scents that are *actually* strong enough to enjoy, gifts from Voluspa are crowd-pleasers through and through. You can find something for pretty anyone when you’ve got glass candles, tin candles, diffusers, and room sprays to choose from.

If gifting one scent won’t cut it, they offer a wide selection of gift boxes that are perfect for sampling different fragrances and sprinkling throughout the house. We’ve gotta tell you, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Our favorite scent of all the time? Kalahari Watermelon. Talk about delectable.

Mark & Graham

Who doesn’t love receiving something personalized and perfectly packaged as a present? 

Practically no one, we tell you.

So if you’re looking for something to christen a new kitchen, home bar, or dining room, look no further than Mark & Graham’s crazy extensive range of custom gifts. 

They offer everything from bags, to vases, to wallets, to jewelry organizers, to pajamas, to glassware, and beyond. The list goes on and on, so it’s safe to say you’ve GOT to check out their website for yourself.

The cherry on top of this hidden gem is that they’re owned by Williams Sonoma, which means you can pinch a few pennies with your trade discount. (Score!)

On a personal note, we’re obsessed with their plush throw blankets and leather catch-all trays. 

Cuddle & Kind

When Cuddle & Kind adopted “Stylish, hand-knit dolls with an impact” as their slogan, they weren’t kidding.

This ohh so precious handcrafted doll company was founded by a family of five on a mission to feed children in need. From day one, they were set on fighting childhood hunger and their company’s purpose is to help improve the lives of children by providing one million meals each year.

To top it off, every Cuddle & Kind doll is made with premium, natural cotton to ensure they’re safe, soft to the touch, and cuddly the way every doll should be! 

Each heirloom quality doll is handcrafted by Peruvian artisans who are provided with a fair trade, sustainable income to complete the “feel good, do good” vision that the company was born with.

Their dolls are the perfect gift for a newborn baby, a young child, and fit the bill if you’ve just designed a nursery for an expecting mother. Trust us, we’ve got two in our collection so far!

For every doll sold, 10 meals are distributed to children in need across the world. If you need to find a sweet gift for a parent or mother-to-be, you might as well make an impact while you’re at it.


If you’re on the hunt for a branded welcome gift, Greetabl has exactly what you need. 

Their itty bitty boxes of *pure joy* can be customized with your portfolio images, branding assets, or brand colors and you can pick THE picture perfect surprise to be packaged inside. They offer giftcards from big name stores as an alternative gifting option too if you feel like switching it up.

They also offer pre-designed gift boxes for all occasions if you need something, pronto!

In case you were curious, the Sugarfina champagne gummies are W&J’s fave choice for a cute and booze-free celebration. Who knew that bubbly would be so scrumptious in gummy form?

Anywho, get 15% off your Greetabl order with code WILLOWANDJAX15 and watch your clients swoon.

The Bouq’s Co.

Upscale branding, no fuss corporate gifting, and THE loveliest farm-fresh flowers? Quit playing and sign us up already!

If you’re with us on this one, The Bouq’s Co. is a must for your gift-giving arsenal. This flower company partners with international farmers who use sustainable growing practices like recycling water and minimizing waste to keep Mother Earth a little greener. 

You can snag every kind of bouquet you can dream up along with plants and arrangements that can replanted upon delivery. Because of their endless array of flowers and color options, The Bouq’s beautiful green goodies are perfect for any occasion and they’re the perfect way to thank past clients who referred you for a new project! We bet our bottom dollar you won’t find bouquet options as divine as these.


This one’s for the charcuterie-obsessed, cheese lover in your life.

As seen on Shark Tank and a placeholder the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2022, these edible experiences are to die for. They’re founder led, family-run, and bring over 40 years of catering experience to the table. They’re a foolproof option for the client who loves to entertain and is ready to show off their new designer space. Corporate gifting is also available, which covers every base we’re aware of at the very least.

Boarderie is a godsend if you’re in need of client gift ideas for someone who’s got a salty tooth in place of a sweet tooth, so figure what your client is hungry for and gift accordingly! 

After all, attention to detail goes hand-in-hand with designing and can make a great impression on the recipient. It just works.

That’s a wrap, bestie!

The next time you’re in a bind and need a show-stopping gift and quick, give these online shops a once-over and we guarantee you’ll find something special for your client gifts.

You can also craft a signature gift-giving message template so you and the team members you delegate tasks to have the right words to accompany every thoughtful gift you hand out. 

Hungry for more ways to elevate your client experience so they gush about you every chance they get?

Check out our blog about how to start each project off with a bang. Welcome Guides help you start with your best foot forward and we’ve broken down everything you need to include to set yourself up for success from the jump.

Read more here and make the best first impression EVER!

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