Introducing our 1:1 Signature Service

A 6-week VIP package that helps interior designers elevate their brand and streamline client communications from start to finish

I absolutely would recommend this service to a friend. If you are overwhelmed with all the
technology there is to choose from, and need to put systems and processes in place for your
interior design business, Willow and Jax should be your first place to go. Don’t waste anymore
time trying to figure out everything yourself!

Erin & Co

After years of partnering with the interior design community, I’ve noticed a common theme: interior designers need a clear, consistent process for client communication… and they don’t typically have the time or extra energy to implement one. 

Sound familiar?

The trouble is, this kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants client communication often leads to a little bit of burn out and:

  1. an inbox that’s bursting at the seams and causing you stress
  2. bottlenecks in the design process when you have to stop and put on your admin hat to write each email from scratch
  3. a lack of clarity about next steps (for you and your clients)
  4. growing pains when you bring on new team members and don’t have clear systems in place
  5. typos, miscommunication, and inconsistencies in the overall experience from project to project

You know you want to deliver top-tier service to every client, every time. And having a clear, polished, professional system is how you get there. This type of service not only attracts higher-end clients, it builds a stronger, more reliable referral network. So you have dream clients knocking on your door, begging to partner with you.

At Willow & Jax, we love providing business strategy and support to busy designers like you. Which is why — after more than a year of planning — we’re SO THRILLED to announce our favorite offer yet:

Introducing: The Uplevel Experience

This 6-week intensive is designed to upgrade your client experience in the fastest, most comprehensive way possible. So every single client interaction is streamlined, ultra-efficient, and leaves your clients wowed.

What’s inside the Uplevel Experience?

First, we’ll take a deep dive into your brand, from past projects and dream clients to your unique services offerings and background. In a 90-minute strategy session, we’ll hash out all the key details that set you apart in the design industry. Then, we’ll create custom language — bios, service descriptions, brand values, client avatar information, and more — for a distinctive brand voice to guide your communications and marketing efforts.

Next, we’ll turn that brand voice into custom visuals. After a curated questionnaire and a 2-day intensive with our favorite design and branding expert, you’ll walk away with a fully-designed logo plus 2 logo marks — the branding foundations that instantly show the world who you are and attract your right-fit clients. Use them on your website, business cards, Instagram — everywhere! They’ll become your visual signature — the icon that dream clients will instantly recognize whenever they come into contact with your business.

Finally, we’ll leverage your new brand messaging and visual identity to create a full suite of client communications. A fully-written, systematic series of emails and client process guides. So you’ll have every piece in place from that first contact to the final handoff — in your distinct voice and branded with your new logos for a truly luxe client experience. 

You’ll also walk away with a clear blueprint of your unique process and workflow. You’ll know your signature process inside and out, so you can explain each step with clarity and confidence. Then, you can easily apply this custom roadmap to your automated CRM tools and clearly communicate the process with new team members. 

Every step of the way, your clients will know they’re in good hands — and enjoy white glove service — all while saving you precious time and energy.

So how does the Uplevel Experience work?

The Uplevel Experience is an in-depth, high-touch deep dive into your brand foundations, setting you and your business up for success for years to come. In your 6 week intensive, you’ll partner with three industry experts to develop core brand pillars: brand messaging, branded visuals, and client communication systems.

Phase 1

Brand Messaging

  • Brand voice questionnaire. You’ll spend 45-60 minutes exploring your business, giving us key clues about where you are now — and where you want to be.
  • 90-minute strategy session with our copywriter to dig deeper into your questionnaire responses and uncover key insights into your current brand — including key details about your dream clients and how to connect with them.
  • You’ll walk away with: an in-depth Core Messaging Guide, designed to bring clarity and clear, compelling language to your future communications and marketing efforts.

Phase 2

Brand Visuals

  • Brand questionnaire and strategy call to align on creative goals and priorities.
  • 2-day design intensive. In this 48-hour window, you’ll check in multiple times as our graphic designer creates your brand visuals. You get to provide feedback in real time and ensure the final products are the perfect fit for your brand.
  • You’ll walk away with: the core pieces of your brand’s visual identity — a typographic logo, two additional brand logo marks, a color palette, and a font suite to ensure a cohesive, standout brand visual across all platforms.

Phase 3

Client Experience

  • 2-hour workflow mapping session to get crystal clear on your process and client journey.
  • An entire suite of fully-designed, ready-to-implement client guides and communications to make every brand interaction on your clients won’t stop raving about. We’re talking:
  • Signature Offer Blueprint
  • Proposal + Service Agreement
  • Design Questionnaire & Feedback Google Form
  • Investment Guide (for prospective clients)
  • Welcome Guide (for new clients)
  • Project Closing Packet
  • Plus, Customized Client Email Templates

Here’s a sneak peek of what you get with the Uplevel Experience…

Are you ready to uplevel your design business?

Apply for the Uplevel Experience today.

Our tactical experts are here to help you build a stand-out brand and an upscale client experience that lets you grow with ease.

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